Maintenance and Operation Low Voltage DC Motors

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Before commissioning low voltage motors, consider whether it is safer to be assisted by highly qualified personnel who adhere to safety instructions and are also aware of health requirements in accordance with law and legislation. With low voltage dc motors, the voltage may increase by being smaller in size.

Safe operation of low voltage dc motors

Operation of low voltage dc motors
Types of low voltage dc motors

After putting low voltage dc motors into operation, staff should advise you that the surface of the engine may still be very hot during engine operation and for several minutes after work, which could cause an unpleasant burn. Some low voltage dc motors require the use of frequency converters. Beware of twisting parts while the engine is running, which can also cause unpleasant injuries. Do not touch or especially open the terminals while the system is still live. Low-voltage motors may overheat. By constantly overheating can increase their decay. Thus, they lose their lifetime and also lose the torque capability when their ability to accelerate rapidly decreases. In this case, the voltage is low, which may cause the low voltage dc motors to start up or run low. they start when the engine pulling torque is low and unlike motors that have higher voltage values. In the case of a motor with a voltage that is too heavy, there is a large current consumption, when the voltage is lower. In order to drive the mechanical load that is associated with the shaft, it is first of all necessary for the motor to draw a lot of energy. If the voltage starts to drop, then the voltage must be increased in order for the power supply to be the same. If the current suddenly rises, this may indicate a malfunction for the motor. If the amplifier exceeds the rating plate, it will overheat because it will start to build up and accumulate heat in the motor, which can cause problems and consequent engine damage without a quick solution. If overheating lasts too long and has high values, the more the engine may be damaged. When using low voltage dc motors, make sure that they are put into operation by a specialist who is familiar with the principles of safety and health. For more information on this type of engine, visit and learn more.